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Can you name the Johnny & Associates, Inc. 1990s-2000s Debuted Groups?

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Group Name's HintMember's Name
SMAP's host
SMAP's married man
SMAP's weather (hair)man
SMAP's less talkative member
SMAP's youngest
TOKIO's guitarist
TOKIO's married man
TOKIO's proclaimed comedian(?)
TOKIO's cook
TOKIO's simple-minded member
V6's experienced salaryman
V6's gourmet man
V6's married man
V6's Kuitan
V6's youthful face
V6's actor
KinKi Kids's spokesman
KinKi Kids's hair-do man
Arashi's fisherman
Arashi's newscaster
Arashi's zoo keeper
Arashi's Hollywood actor
Arashi's honcho
Tackey & Tsubasa's dancer
Tackey & Tsubasa's stage play man
Group Name's HintMember's Name
NEWS' oldest
NEWS' old man
NEWS' knowledgeable man
NEWS' vocals
KanJani8's alpaca
KanJani8's vocals
KanJani8's tsukkomi man
KanJani8's bassist
KanJani8's weird fashion man
KanJani8's actor
KanJani8's quiet man
KAT-TUN's university student
KAT-TUN's boxer
KAT-TUN's rapper
KAT-TUN's pun man
KAT-TUN's actor
Hey!Say!JUMP's university student
Hey!Say!JUMP's second oldest
Hey!Say!JUMP's cool kanji name man
Hey!Say!JUMP's bassist
Hey!Say!JUMP's fifth oldest
Hey!Say!JUMP's guitarist
Hey!Say!JUMP's actor
Hey!Say!JUMP's drummer
Hey!Say!JUMP's athlete

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