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Can you figure out the missing numbers in these Kpop songs and groups?

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[??] Seconds - Sunggyu (INFINITE)Kpop song
Party[?]Nite - UP10TIONKpop song
Round [?] - DMTN/DalmatianKpop song
[?], [?], [?] - EXOKpop song
[??]/[?] - 2Yoon (4minute)Kpop song
[????] - U-KISSKpop song
SISTAR[??]Female group sub-unit
LC[?]Male group (disbanded)
[?]-[?]-[?] - Henry (Super Junior M)Kpop song
DAY[?]Male band
[?]TYMMale group (inactive)
[?] Different Tears - Wonder GirlsKpop song
[???]%Male group
GOT[?]Male group
HIGH[?]Male group
Day [?] - K.willKpop song
[?]minuteFemale group
SS[???]Male group
[?], [?], [?], [?] - Lee HiKpop song
[??]KMale group
[?]HOT - G.NAKpop song
[???]% - AKMUKpop song
[?] MusesFemale group
[?]PMMale group
[?]MYX - A-JAXKpop song
[????] - B.A.PKpop song
[?]NE[?]Female group
[?]eightCo-ed group (disbanded)
[???]% Synchronization - Block BKpop song
[?]AM - Taeyang (BIGBANG) Kpop song
[??]&Female duo
[??] - Jieun (Secret)Kpop song
[??] - SeventeenKpop song
[??] Hours - INFINITEKpop song
[?]EYESFemale group
[??]:[??] - BEASTKpop song
[?]AMMale group
[??] Days - Sunggyu (INFINITE) Kpop song
B[?]A[?]Male group
[?], [?], [?] - PurflesKpop song
[??] Hours - SunmiKpop song
[?]YoonFemale group sub-unit
[?] (Young) - NO MERCYKpop song from a survival show
[??]/[?] = Heaven - BTSKpop song
UP[??]TIONMale group
[?] Walls - f(x)Kpop song

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