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I was supposed to debut in 6Mix in 2014. Now, I am one of three Japanese members in my current girl group.
Prior to debut, I was a national fencer of the Hong Kong fencing team.
All of my group members, except for myself, have been in the original lineup of EXID.
Recently, a picture of my butt tattoo circulated around Twitter. Fans were so surprised!
I'm referred to as a 'half-angel' as I'm a drummer, not a dancer, of my group.
Not only am I the maknae of a Kpop group, I am also the founder of a company housing 3 boy groups currently.
I was a member of Wonder Girls for 6 months and have appeared in their debut video, before withdrawing due to personal reasons.
I am the leader of a group that has been through two of YG's survival shows.
Before debuting, I featured for several songs in INFINITE H's albums, and even had a solo digital single.
I was casted to portray a gay character in the Korean drama 'Reply 1997'.
In addition to being an idol, I am also a licensed beautician with a membership at the Makeup Artists Association.
My older brother debuted in Alphabat with the stage name 'Epsilon'.
I have insurance on my legs that amount to $500,000 in case of an emergency.
I was supposed to be the leader of my group, but due to an injury before my debut, my role was replaced.
I am a female idol who has collaborated with artists like Junggigo, Mad Clown and Giriboy in different songs from 2013 to 2015.
Although I wasn't a good vocalist during my debut, I slowly improved and is the first from my group to have a solo debut in 2014.
Before debuting in a vocal-based group in 2012, I was preparing to debut in Five Girls and in T-ara later on.
I almost debuted in BTS. Now I've debuted in another group, but I'm still close to BTS, especially Jin.
When I debuted, netizens have compared my appearance to those of Kim Yoo Jung and Sulli (f(x)).
As I'm a friend of Sandeul, I appeared on B1A4's Weekly Idol episode and bought him banana milk.

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