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Can you name the The Music of Parks and Rec (Parks and Recreation)?

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QuestionAnswerFun Info
April's favorite band
The lead singer of April's favorite band
The musician Donna would most like to sleep with
Donna's musician cousin
Leslie told Ben that this rocker once owned a gas station in Pawnee
This song/artist played during Ben's claymation video
The song Andy wrote for Lil Sebastian's memorial
The song Andy wrote for April for her birthday
The instrument Leslie, Ben and Chris listen to in the car
QuestionAnswerFun Info
The instrument that Ron builds after getting drunk
The DJ that Tom and Jean-Ralphio hire for Entertainment 720
The song that MouseRat played at the diabetes telethon
When Ben is unemployed, he wears a t-shirt with this one-hit-wonder 90's band on it
The first song on Benji's Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix
Ann sneaked this song onto Leslie's unsexy road trip mix tape
Finish the lyric: 'I am on hold/with the state parks department/I am on hold...'
The name of the song Andy wrote for Leslie's campaign

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