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What is the name of the song Andy wrote for Ann?
Which recurring character slept with Mark, dated Chris, and flirted with Ben and Andy?
What was the name of April's gay boyfriend?
What was the name of April's gay boyfriend's boyfriend?
Who was Dave arresting when he and Leslie met?
Where was Tom's wife, Wendy, from?
Ann fixed up Leslie with someone from the hospital. What was his occupation
Who was Leslie's lawyer boyfriend?
What did April give to Andy to try to make Ann jealous?
What did Tammy #2 call Tom when they dated?
Who was the city councilman who got Leslie involved in a sex scandal?
At the telethon, who did April flirt with on the phone to try and make Andy jealous?
Who did April dance with on her birthday to make Andy jealous?
Who did Ann kiss at the Snakehole Lounge when she was too drunk to remember?
Whose football jersey did April buy for Andy?
What did Andy say when April told him that she loved him?
What is the name of the bartended Tom dated?
Who taught Ann how to flirt?
Which of Jerry's daughters did Chris date?
Who did Leslie get matched with when she tried internet dating?
Ron says he'll never again date a woman with which physical characteristic?
When Ben was depressed about breaking up with Leslie, what did he buy to cheer himself up?
Who plays Jerry's beautiful wife, Gayle?
Who helped Ben with Leslie's Valentine's Day scavenger hunt?
Which local celebrity did Ann briefly date?
Who fixed up Tom and Ann?
Name Andy's Women's Studies professor, who slept with Ron
Who did Leslie try to auction off for a date?
Who told Diane that Ron liked her?
Who tried to ruin Leslie and Ben's wedding?

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