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 to love deeply
 being without life
 past tense of arise
 a flowering plant
 to make amends or reparation
 containing an amine united with a nonacid radical
 a type of chemical compound
 present 3rd person singular of ante
 containing an amide united with an acid radical
 a North African plant
 to get up
 a cave
 in regard to
 a flowering plant
 one that aims
 a type of chemical compound
 a mentally dificient person
 to add something to for the purpose of making more attractive
 to improve
 a surgical insertion of a needle into the uterus
 moving about
 to allow to enter
 one that aids
 the malicious or fraudulent burning of property
 a steroid sex hormone
 a resin obtained from a tropical tree
 a medieval helmet
 a comment by an actor intended to be heard by teh audience but not teh other actors
 a negatively charged ion
 used to express farewell

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