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Name the '-stan' country that has an area of:
2,724,900 Km2 
796,095 Km2 
652,230 Km2 
488,100 Km2 
447,400 Km2 
199,951 Km2 
143,100 Km2 
Name the '-stan' country that has a population of:
Name the '-stan' country that has a GDP of:
$210.6 billion 
$178.3 billion 
$45.35 billion 
$25.74 billion 
$18.18 billion 
$6.523 billion 
$5.92 billion 
Name the '-stan' country that has a GDP (PPP) per capita of:
Name the '-stan' country whose flag...
...features a crescent and one star 
...features a mosquee 
...features a sun over a eagle 
...features a tunduk inside a sun 
...features a crown under seven stars 
...features a crescent and five stars 
...features a crescent and twelve stars 
Name the '-stan' country....
...that is bisected by the Indus River 
...that is 80% covered by the Karakum Desert 
...that supports Operation Enduring Freedom with Manas Airport 
...where Samarkand is situated 
...whose biggest city is Almaty 
...that borders China for only 76 km 
Name the '-stan' country...
...that is doubly landlocked 
...where the Hungry Steppe are located 
...whose biggest city is Karachi 
...that is is partially located in Europe 
...whose main ethnic group are the Pashtun 
...where Issyk Kul Lake is located 
...where the Buddhas of Bamiyan stood till 2001 
From North to South, name the '-stan' countries that...
...touch the Caspian Sea (1) 
...touch the Caspian Sea (2) 
...share the Aral sea (1) 
...share the Aral sea (2) 
...share the Kyzyl Kum Desert (1) 
...share the Kyzyl Kum Desert (2) 
...share the Kyzyl Kum Desert (3) 
Name the '-stan' country whose main mountain range... the Tian Shan 
...are the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram Range 
...are the Hindu Kush and the Pamir Mountains 
...are the Alay and Pamir Mountains 

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