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QUIZ: Can you name the SRorgs: Falklands F20 Immunity?

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Who was the first boot of SRorgs: Reddit?
Who was the 2nd boot of SRorgs:Iceland?
Who had the Secret Advantage in SRorgs: Benin
Who was the highest placing returnee in SRorgs: Tuvalu?
What was the merge tribe name of SRorgs: Benin?
Who was the first SRorgs contestant to be rocked out?
Which tribe won the first immunity challenge in SRorgs: Reddit?
What was the first ever auxiliary tribe in SRorgs history?
How many tribes were in SRorgs: All Stars?
Name a black-colored SRorgs Tribe
Who had a super idol played on them in Tuvalu?
Who was the sole survivor of SRorgs: Tuvalu?
Who got 12th Place in SRorgs: Reddit?
Who was the first boot of SRorgs:Benin?
Who had the voting confessional '**** you' when voting for Terrance in SRorgs: Tuvalu

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