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Can you name the characters of Tracy Butler's Lackadaisy Cats?

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'You drive from inside the truck.'
'That aside, this is a rather high profile mess. We can't simply leave it here. You must have some protocol for cleaning up.'
''Honey' won't be doing anything for a while, except maybe enjoying a nice bout of pneumonia.'
'I like my tux. If you gave it a chance, I think maybe you'd enjoy wearing your-'
'I'm just sharing office space with the best and the brightest over there.'
'I was counting how many laws we broke.'
'He's done all your work for you lately!...And he has knees!'
'And for your own sake, keep in mind that you've already squandered your second chances.'
'I mean...just what kind of bunny do you take me for, madam?'
'Can I have a dollar?'
'Old Man River! That seems far too austere a name for something made of mirth and rage.'
'...And my shadow is two steps ahead of me.'
'The hatchet. It was a joke...until you dropped down to your drawers.'
'You looked pretty fixed on finishin what you started.'
'I hate everybody.'
'My sink! My sink!'
'So don't panic and call me in the middle of the night because you can't find them.'
'Oh, nothing, honey. Girl talk.'

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