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Quest ShinsAtlantasAnti-Hint
Q1)I am thinking of an object, one that is abstract, yet not really that abstract, but maybe not an object.It's not a number
Q2)According to Jack Johnson III( Some Smoe), the following is required to rectify the pr0ceeding statement: You have herpies, you lost you leg in korean war, but now you cannotIt's a number
find a doctor, and you have gotten a splinter somehow. -
Q3)Science and technology are one thing, but Mathematics and Atronomy are another. From this, what can one conclude?it's not a number
Q4)Halloween is to jack-o-lanterns as holiday is to:it's a number
Q5)Timmothy Woothrow is playing Golf. The hole is a par 5 and he is on target to make the hole in two more shots. One shot to get on the green and one to sink the hole. Timmy is It's a number
is an expert statician. The wind is pulling 2mph left, there is a sandtrap 3 meters to the left of the green, and a small pond in front of the green. He takes the shot and it goes -
Quest ShinsAtlantasAnti-Hint
'he takes the shot and it goes way off to the right. What variable did Timothy forget to account for?' -
Q6)frequent time travelers, will usually suffer from this problem.*Think about boats*
Q7)You enter the subway, a bum asks you for money to eat. You dont want to give him money, but he threatens hit you with his wooden leg if you do not pay up. How much do you need tToo easy
give him in order for him to let you pass? -
Q8)Pluto is to marco, as Mars is to:frank
Q9)Astronauts use this to go into outterspacebuy a thesuarus.
Q10)Armstrong is probably best known for what?I hate your guts?

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