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Can you name the answers to these football (soccer) questions where all answers begin with 'E'?

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Who won the World Cup final of 1966 on home turf - their only final appearance to date?
... but who was the legendary Black Pearl, pictured above, who scored NINE goals at the tournament?
Born in Brazil but representing Italy, this ex-Roma left-back now lights up the Premier League
Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian are fierce rivals in which city?
The stadium pictured above is officially named for its city, but is much better-known by its sponsored name, which is...
... and which Brazilian 'keeper arrived there from Benfica in 2017?
Still playing 22 years after his Real Madrid debut, this prolific forward is most associated with Barcelona
Which first name unites players Garay, Lavezzi, and Schelotto?
Which club name is found in ViƱa del Mar, Chile... oh, and Liverpool, England?
The logo above is that of a one-time German and UEFA Cup champion - which?
Which Swede has managed four national teams on four continents, and also won leagues in Sweden, Portugal, and Italy?
This top-flight European club was founded by local citizens, not foreigners, leading to its patriotic name
The second player seen above has been Player of the Year at both of his clubs (and country)
The city derby in Athens, Bucharest, Belgrade, Sofia, Zagreb (and more) is known by what E-name?
Whose career? Marsala, Monza, Nice, Monaco, Man Utd, Juventus, Marseille, West Ham
And finally... which fiery German got himself sent home from the 1994 World Cup for aiming an obscene gesture at his own team's fans?

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