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Can you name the answers to these football (soccer) questions where all answers begin with 'A'?

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Which country did Diego Maradona represent?
What club's logo appears above?
Name the Ghanaian winger has played for Marseille, Swansea, West Ham, and Fenerbahçe, among others...
Which Argentine city is home to hated rivals Independiente and Racing?
Who won the European Cup in 1981-82 with a goal from Peter Withe?
Name the national team that holds the world record for biggest international win (31-0)
What is the English stadium pictured above?
This Spanish club has never been relegated from the top flight
Name the only Premier League team to have passed a season entirely unbeaten in the league
Which three-letter prefix unites Bournemouth, Ajax, and Eskilstuna?
The MLS Cup winners of 2018, this club plays at Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Which Brazilian 'keeper enjoyed the status of 'world's most expensive' for just four weeks in 2018?
Which Egyptian club has won the African Champions League a record eight times?
Name the stadium that has seen ten goals in two World Cup finals
Who is the legendary striker - first and last name required! - pictured above?
And finally... who LOST that 31-0 international game?

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