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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two world currencies. You must get both to score.

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It says on his chart: 'For intravenous feeding only', and you've just given him an apple, Kennedy - I despair!
'You don't love Winky at all', she sobbed, but Dobby was unmoved - if only she didn't drink so much!
Having pulled the emergency cord, Obama calmly got down from the train, with his horse, and galloped off to Laramie without a backward glance.
Mithrandir, hampered by the loss of his staff, was in extremis, but a butterfly enabled him to send word to the eagles.
Have you been spraying Ultrum Duration again, Fran? Can't you see, it's the cat that's got the fleas, not the room.
You stole that kebab, Olivia, no use denying it; Stavros saw you, so put it back, or Una will call the cops.
Gok Wan, zany fashion consultant, initially trained in performing arts, and broke protocol on his tv show.
'Dalrymple Manor has been in the family for ten generations', snorted Lord Dalrymple, 'and I'm not about to see it fall into the hands of that upstart, Ugrik'.
Odin arranged for the creation of the world, by slaying Ymir, and giving our dearest possession: life, to Ask and Embla.
J.D. made his move: 'Hey, doll, are you free tonight, or just very expensive?' he smouldered. 'Get lost, dope! So obvious!' was the riposte.

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