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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two war films. You must get both to score.

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'OK, so it's not a nightjar', he admitted, 'all I educed from Durrell, was that it was an unusual bird.'
Will turned, as Bootstrap managed to free his face from the bulkhead; 'Father!' he gasped, 'Is it you?', prising the barnacles off his father's chin.
If you wish to listen to the great orator, at Oracle house, reading from Plato on Saturday night, I suggest you get tickets now!
The cave was full of crystal, in grades I had never seen the like of, and forgetting all, I polished a chunk, just to behold it sparkle.
The Salty Shack saw ridged chips with battered cod increase in popularity, after Pat toned down the amount of salt in the mix.
What a buzz! Uluru hove into view, and Seacome and Seeger fell to their knees in wonder.
The plumage of birds on Gili Meno and Koh Rong: lory, lorikeet, charmosyna, and the like, is simply stunning.
As a gamer, I can snip Erestor out of LOTR Strategy Battle Game, but the blithe pianista in Eternal Sonata is a different matter.
Suddenly, a voice crackled over the intercom: 'Man down! Man down! Fall in on deck, all hands!'
Good idea for assembly, Val, Kyrie Eleison - it'll stop Earl Harb, or Lady Dalrymple monopolising the proceedings.

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