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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two vegetables. You must get both to score?

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Call that art! I choked on my cornflakes, almost, when I saw on the news that that wannabe, Anthony, had won a prize for one of his daubs.
With his sleeked-back hair, Breitling on show, and a spell in rehab, Rocco liked to think he was irresistible.
Don't panic! Abba generally show up in time for their opening number, Kal, even in a snowstorm.
The barons tried to pump King John, but only succeeded in annoying him; 'Let's pin a charter on him!', said one, magnanimously.
Ah, sweet Cornelia! She could wear a dish-cloth and still look like a million dollars.
Her family bundled him off to Srinagar, licketty-split, and found her a more suitable match in Lord Steffen Nelstrop.
'My name is Cu-Cu-Cumberbatch.', he stammered, as he ran in. 'Well, try not to be late for any more rehearsals, if you want to succeed as an actor!' snapped the director.
When you make a left turn, I pretend that I haven't seen you, OK, Ray?
Having her kin breathing down his neck was not Tip Earnshaw's idea of wedded bliss.
Yes, we definitely want only friends or relations in this next shot - hangers on, move along!

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