Geography Quiz / Urban Settlements in Kyrgyzstan Under the Radar!

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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two cities, towns or settlements in Kyrgyzstan. You must get both to score.

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Sums are tricky, when you are using binary numbers.
When he went in to bat, Ken Barrington was in stark antithesis to the rest of his team mates.
If you should touch the kerb, engage reverse, and go sharply to the right.
I can't find much on Gary Kurtz, although there's some stuff on IMDB, like Mini Bio, Trivia etc., and he co-produced 'American Graffiti'.
These were Uruk-hai, dark and sinister breed of fighting orcs, as brutal as any they had come across.
Jack, Adam, Jay and Anthea played Bartok to Gulliver, in an effort to bring him out of his coma.
'Chinook at three o'clock!' screamed the navigator, as the pilot steered their 'copter into the gulch, away from the action.
On his way through the Straits of Hormuz, general Vitaly Oskar, a kulak, originally from Saratov, fell overboard and was drowned.
For Count Orlov, karma arrived in the shape of disfavour, before, in the words of one babushka: 'in dying as a man possessed'.
'Take us to warp speed, Mr. Sulu, Kta is not to be trifled with.' 'It's T'Kar, Captain, and he is fanatical about people getting his name right!'

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