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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two Roman Emperors (no matter how brief their rule). You must get both to score.

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Had Ria not seen the sign in time, we would have finished up in the Tiber; I used to think Paul was a good driver!
Is that a spliff Lori and Jez are sharing? Demonstrations of tacit usage are so passé.
Of the three second-hand Vespas I analysed, two had defective lights, and both only offered limited protection for the feet.
These signed copies of 'A Fine Romance' are just in; I anticipate they'll sell out straight away.
Having lit the scented candles, and repeated the mantra, Jane tried to get her head round the psychoyogi.com modus operandi.
The Erymanthian boar was a multi-tusked porcine 'goner', vanquished by Hercules.
As the caracal lazily padded into the clearing, Alban raised the rifle to his shoulder and took aim.
Let's see who we've got: Anthea, Igor, Diana, Boris; I did omit Ian's name from the list - he's not top drawer.
August usually is very nice, so you'll be able to get a good tan, without really trying.
I have no wish to engage with Anton in useless discussion as to which expert in Axis diplomacy to employ.

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