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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two trees. You must get both to score.

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Josh always swears by Club Med, largely because of the points system, which, as he says, rewards your loyalty.
Pippin let fall the clasp, entertaining the hope that, among those following in haste, a keen eye might spot it.
Although he stayed calm, on discovering that he was going bald, Eric decided to shave his head completely.
As the cannibals advanced up the beach, Robinson Crusoe noted with disgust how gleefully they danced around their intended 'meal'.
Rocky Balboa 'kicked ass' in seven films, and was always able to climb any and every mountain life put in his way.
In 'Valhalla Rising', One-eye won all his bouts, not once seeming to feel much in the way of pain.
Don't let Grandma hog any more of that caviar; give her a large gin - I don't want her to throw another tantrum, like last time!
The thug jabbed him in the chest, nutted him, then left him for dead in the gutter, a final jibe echoing in the empty streets.
'Will owls be allowed?' Professor Lupin exclaimed. 'It wouldn't be fair, otherwise!'
By popular choice, it was decided to ignore the map, leave the path, and venture into the forest of Death and Blood - this was a horror film, after all!

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