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Can you type the name that links the following sets of three?

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Railway station opened in 1848
Famous 1815 battle
Abba song
Princess of Orange
Queen of England
Queen of Scots
Puritan separatist
Landscape gardener
Ex Labour Prime minister (UK)
10th. president of the US
Peasants' Revolt leader
Aerosmith frontman
Scottish poet, courtier and statesman
King of Scotland
Great ruler of Macedon
Famous English admiral
Poet, painter, engraver and mystic
Main character in the UK Sci-Fi TV series 1978-81
5th Earl, Francis Stewart
1679 battle
3rd husband of Mary, Queen of Scots
Thomas, Earl of Ossory and Rear admiral
Josephine (1828-1906): social reformer
Tory MP 1929-65, education minister 1941-5
Statesman, unitarian, and industrialist
A servant in the king's chamber
British Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War II
Scottish philosopher and evolutionist
Regency jacket
American actor, made it a very bad day for Ernest Borgnine
Anti-Catholic riots in London in June, 1780
British general whon earned the sobriquet: 'Chinese'
One half of the singing duo: Peter and ...
Colonial administrator, laid the foundations of British India
Former president of Malawi
Famous battle fought at Senlac Hill
John Maitland, 2nd Earl and 1st Duke
Long, narrow geographical district in the Scottish borders
City in Broward County, Florida
Province in South Africa
Northern Irish, Protestant fraternal order
Dystopian novel by Anthony Burgess

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