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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two male tennis players (male), past and present. You must get both to score.

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JFK's was the best: 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' I've avoided Bergin's jelly doughnuts ever since!
I've already booked the DJ, ok? O, Vic, can you take care of the budgerigar? We don't want him giving us 'The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck' in the middle of things!
The papal conclave really should come to a decision - black smoke, white smoke - it's worse than the burning ghats on Ganges' banks.
At long last, Ivan is evicted from the Big Brother House; I thought he was going to be there for ever, after last week.
We've been asked to read 'Hotel du Lac', ostensibly so we can compare it with 'Faust' in the book club meeting next week - how? I ask myself.
'Chew it thoroughly thirty two times,' my nana'd always say, 'and you'll never have any problems with your insides.'
As he came out from behind the huge white object, Sinbad looked up, and when he saw the roc, he rent his clothes and plucked at his beard.
Uncas, Hawkeye and Heyward pursued Magua and Cora, and the Hurons at the tail-end led them finally to the top of the cliff.
'I'm in Mensa, finally!' whooped Dan, brandishing the letter. 'Well, perhaps you might apply yourself to getting the TV to work, as neither Con nor Stu can understand the manual.'
If I were you, I wouldn't demur, Raymond is ready to take on the job immediately, and he bakes proper rye-bread with caraway seeds.

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