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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two scientists. You must get both to score.

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Did the Magyars migrate, slashing their way from Siberia to Hungary? Not according to Piketty.
'I just love lacey tops!' shrilled Anthea. 'Isn't it a bit revealing?' whispered Jen, nervously, 'I can see your nipples!'
Don't shuffle, mingle with the other athletes; try to merge in, Steinberg, or you'll blow your cover.
'Do not lose hope!' said Gimli, sternly, 'They have not gone far: a day's journey, maybe - nothing to a dwarf!'
In the not-too-distant past, Europe was the cradle of civilisation, Rob; unsentimentality is now the order of the day.
'It can't be!' Llewellyn groaned, 'He's got more money than sense!'
I'm a coper, Nic, us copers just get on with it; 'Need' is only a state of mind, so man up!
If you want to film the sparrowhawk in good light, climb that cedar, win the trust of the nesting pair, and wait for dawn!
'You tryin' to start a gang war?' chimed Estevan. 'You'll have every hoodlum or gangster for miles down on us!'
After being holed up with a 'truther' for days, Josh was in a state of nervous collapse: 'Boy, let me outta here!' he bitched.

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