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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two straits. You must get both to score.

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Come outside into the garden, Mark, and say that again! Er, no, Raj; oh, or else what?
'I abhor muzak!' shrilled Anthea. 'Real music will do very nicely, thank you.'
Isabelle, is Les ok? He's very florid, and that's never a good sign.
Now is not the time to bill and coo, Kath; call a cab, otherwise we'll be stuck here all night.
'The final image: Llansteffan castle by moonlight, is perhaps my favourite,' effused Rob, 'associated as it is with Glyndwr.'
Sid, 'the Snatch' shouldered the loot, ran to the wall, leapt over, and landed with a thud, so nearly breaking both legs in the process.
You'd better fix that handbasin gap, or else the water will seep down behind the tiles, and we'll have a mess in a while.
Mmm! Fresh bread with kajmak, as sarma bubbles gently in the oven - lovely food a visit to tetka Jela always entails.
The director rested his hand on the lectern: 'It's like this, Mal, Accadian is a dead language; there just isn't any call for it any more.'
Tai wants to stay below the radar, Dan; Ellesmere Port isn't a big place, and he owes too many people money.

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