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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two American state emblems: a bird and a flower (not necessarily in that order). You must get both to score.

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No, sahib, is customary to use carob in the recipe, instead of chocolate, isn't it?
'So the c-company became l-liable for d-damages!' stuttered Thorne, never imagining it could have come to that.
I'm meeting Angelo on Saturday night, Pansy; ring around and see if someone will make up a foursome.
'Is that an antelope on your lawn, chick?' 'A deer, honey; he's been there all week!'
We've got bitter, root beer, real ale, and cider, of course; Agul likes to cater for everyone!
Rise at dawn, work all day in the meadow, larking about forbidden, and forget men, otherwise your stay here will not be pleasant!
Strange to see Broad run nervously like that; Peat will take gold, Enrod silver, and he'll have to settle for bronze.
In a tone little short of mocking, Birdie delivered his killer blow: 'I risked nothing!' he spat.
I've never seen Carol in a wrench before: she had barely time to attach the groom's corsage, brush the bridesmaids' hair, and dash to the church.
He emerged on the far side of the wood thru sheer willpower, and having played the hero, Sean took a well-earned rest.

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