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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two singers, who achieved number 1 success in the UK charts. You must get both to score.

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Oh dear! Frank's in a train, which is stuck in the snow on the Penzance line; Di only just had a text from him.
Everyone has a chance in Hungary, bar low-ranking officials, fat boys, limbless soldiers and prostitutes.
Wicked, tricksy, false! Mine! My Precious! Kill them both, and take the Precious! I 'ates them: nasssty little hobbitses!
Stand back, Bob! By daring to carry an offensive weapon in a public place, you risk being tasered, and this has a range of seven yards.
'Don't disobey, once I've given orders to defend the castle unto death.' snarled the Sheriff. 'You know how I fume at loafing around; remember the spoon!'
As much as you don't want him to be, Linda, Carl is leaving at the end of the week; he's off to Indiana, Ros says.
When it came to settling the bill, I even had to query the tip, in keeping with the wife's latest austerity drive.
The shadow of Mordor is, day by day, extending towards the free lands of Middle Earth, and with it come the orc herds.
Susie, in order to compete, ran dressmaking classes - she's mad on natural fabrics at the moment.
We ought to allow Fred a pay negotiation; after all, he's taken Doddle Dumplings and turned it into the internet success it is today.

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