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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two SI units, or derived units (see game note). You must get both to score.

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If you think the answer is Viagra, you are asking the wrong question; at your age, you might just as well take paracetamol, Edwin, and forget about it!
Oh, my goodness! Have you seen her tzatziki? It's bright red, instead of pale green!
Well, folks, I don't think we can delay the start any longer; welcome to the inaugural Iowa TT race for machines over 1000 ccs.
Wembley Arena, '75, Emmet, remember? We saw Eberhard Gienger perfect that move on the high bar.
The condition was too far advanced for Dr. Enys' skills, despite the new tonsillectomy technique he had acquired in London.
The carcajou leapt out from its hiding place among the leaves, and the foolhardy camper escaped injury by inches.
'Don't forget your tiara, Diana!' trilled Lady Dalrymple, 'Grandpapa's called for the taxi already.'
What a volte-face: of the 52% who had previously voted to leave, more than three quarters wanted to change their votes; laughable, if it weren't so tragic!
Did Lieutenant Sulu mention that tense conditions on the bridge required Captain Kirk's immediate return?
You yokel! Vintage wine, and you're eating pork scratchings with it, Jessie; men! Sometimes, I give up!

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