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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two UK soccer teams. You must get both to score.

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The committee focused at last on village matters, and it was decided that the awful hamlet of Slough would be razed to the ground.
Meanwhile, in the jungle, Ed's unit edged closer to the target, but the prospect gave him the shudders: Field Marshall William Slim did not brook failure.
'Existing on a diet of Lemon Aspen, or wichetty grubs isn't going to produce a nuclear physicist', smirked Cheever, tongue in cheek.
Barney waited at the sarsen all night for Stig to appear; with nothing to gnaw at for days, would he still be alive?
When I'm ill, wallowing in self-pity usually does the trick - that and a quart of hooch: Ully-Saint-Georges for preference.
The rest of the cast teased Brad for days about his promised cowboy strippergram, but it was too late to cancel; tickets had been sold.
The day dawned bright on that fateful morning; they had marched from Ypres to Namur, and were already foot-sore and battle-weary.
'Give Hedwig an earwig to eat', muttered Ron, 'and put a bolt on that cage door, so she can't keep rattling it'.
Erica was induced to commit murder by Count Yorga, but surely she didn't need to burn Leyton at the stake!
'Bombur, you're just too heavy to carry!' gasped Oin. 'Pork pies, soufflé, ices, terrines, salad ...' muttered Bombur, in his enchanted sleep.

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