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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two famous explorers. You must get both to score.

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The yucca, botanically speaking, belongs to the Asparagaceae family, and is not related to tobacco, ok?
If it was ever established that they knew he was no longer living, stone me, that would be fraud!
If Rob is her boyfriend, and Lew is after her too, what chance does Josh have?
The director resigned, with immediate effect, after Interpol opened an investigation into his activities.
I'm a baker, but as man cannot live by bread alone, I'm also a décor tester for Ikea!
His horse hoof's thuds on the highway ceased with the musket shot, for Bess, the landlord's daughter, had warned him with her death.
Anyone who braves Puccini, without a box of tissues, must have a superb affinity with tragedy.
'I always suspected Alésia was in the Jura,' Leigh opined, 'and remember, in Gaul, in 52 BC, there were many small tribes.
Why didn't The Observer's hack let on that Tynan sent him to gauge audience reaction to the play.
The pros supercede the cons in the extraction of uranium ores by conventional open-pit, or underground mining.

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