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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two US state capitals. You must get both to score.

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'I remember 'The Streets of Laredo' very well,' sighed Charles, 'Tonight, I shall sing it just for you!'
'Go in', said Elrond, 'Bilbo is expecting you; he is a little weary, to be frank; fortunately, your company will cheer him.
'There's this Indian, a Polish gent, and an Irish navvy in a bar, drinking Robbo's tonic-water...' 'Is there a punch-line any time soon?' cut in Josh, scathingly.
When I hear Mulan singing that song, I want to cry, but Alla has seen the film seven times!
The pool is only open from June - Aug., and access to amusements on the pier requires getting a key from the caretaker.
Pancks had come to collect rent on six properties in the square, but nobody was rich; Monday was rent day, but all the doors were shut.
Anna polished the bottle, and wrote out the ad: For Sale: much sought-after Cheryl Fernandez-Versini perfume (unwanted gift).
Mad is only a state of mind, but I felt for Lear, when Goneril and Regan managed to con Cordelia out of her inheritance
Just watch how Kal gives Ant a fearsome glare; he never shares out the gateau - stingy brute!
Was Achitophel enamoured of Absolom? He hanged himself, according to Dryden, very shortly after the latter rejected his advice.

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