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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two soups from around the world. You must get both to score.

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He hid behind a pillar-box, tailing his quarry, but then stood in some bubble-gum; boy, did that blow his cover!
Didn't he play a silicon sommelier in that new Chris Pratt film, or was he the Slav golem on Omega 3?
Shark! Shark! Find a lifeguard! Quick! Contact the depot! Eek! He's bleeding to death!
Play it again, Sam; barring accidents, brother, will this be mis-quoted for years to come!
If you want a job, Lancome are looking for people to test their latest face-wash, Chiara.
'He's run off into the Gobi!' squealed Anna, 'Epic! How deranged would you have to be to do that?'
It's called a caracul, Len's kinky idea of a joke, although the wool you get from them is oily, and keeps out the cold.
Tara tore a strip off Cal for not getting the answer right: 'Come on, Cal: Dover - Delaware, you ignoramus!'
'I can't take any more flak!' said Hugo, 'Here's the menu, do it yourself!'
Oh, no! Here comes Josh - chav alert! I'm off to Tsarevichy's, so is everyone else; at least they won't let him in there.

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