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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two seas. You must get both to score.

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Rather than live as Magua's woman, Cora leapt from the cliff edge, before Duncan or Uncas could stop her.
'Steady on!' said Bob, 'Aren't scallops by the dozen bad for you?', as Iris helped herself to a second plate full.
That new Balti cookbook by Marks and Sparks has just as many good recipes in it as the Hamlyn one.
He carefully replaced the scarab, Ian's jibe ringing in his ears, but it was already too late!
Silence, human, or we giants will tear you limb from limb! Lackeys you shall be for the rest of your days.
Gulliver didn't want to mar Mara's special day - he'd hired a celeb especially (hopefully, someone she recognised!).
Gabriel Oak said he was no longer wanting to marry Bathsheba, nor thinking of it, either, and a man of honour is usually true to his word.
The amount of Scampi on Ian's plate was staggering - he should have given some to Tim, or Josh, really.
Showing typical Ninja panache, he whirled through the air, and with a blood-curdling yell, owned the thug comprehensively.
Huanta-style alpaca rib, bean and quinoa cassoulet, followed by 'tres leches'; the menu at Tanta Adria ticked all the boxes.

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