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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two Roman gods or goddesses. You must get both to score.

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Sansa turned, just in time to see her father beheaded, as Joffrey knew she would. 'Is it over?' she whispered.
If Ranieri can be 'removed' by the team, Arsene Wenger could face resignation - and pigs might fly!
'Had I an aunt living in Bacup, I'd be offended by that remark,' sniffed Anthea.
That's just it; I actually think it's more a question of his being inept: unemployment figures through the roof, for a start.
Harry decided he'd like to be an auror, and nothing could deter him, or stop him from at least trying.
Having called Raj up, I terminated his contract; it appears old Mr. Jenkins was right: he'd been falsifying the accounts for months.
That's enough pseudo-psychology for one day, suppose you tell us whether they will ever face prosecution.
'Magriffe' by Carven used to be my favourite perfume, but these days, a luscious, lavender-scented toilet-water does just as well!
'A determiner varies, limits or modifies the noun it precedes,' droned the lecturer, but Josh was more interested in carving 'Todd loves Tammy' on the seat in front.
Brexit! The outcome of a poll of honest men and true; trouble is, it was not at all unanimous, and far from 'honest and true'!

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