Geography Quiz / Reluctant Rivers!

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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two rivers. You must get both to score.

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Yuk! Only you could think of mixing marmalade and bird-seed on a sandwich!
Oh boy, never expected that: Chelsea nil, Everton four!
You've left me with a mess to clear up, Nige, really inconsiderate of you!
'Christopher, honey!' shouted Pooh, 'Is it thick and treacly?' demanded Christopher Robin.
Oh, I only meant that you should let Harry arrange our Christmas party.
If you continue to tag us in those facebook photos, I shall tell Len, and he will come round and sort you out!
Thank you for thinking of me; it's been very difficult since Alexander went away.
Jude Law! Are you joking? Where? Bro, you had me going there for a while!
I am urging you not to go and collect rent tonight; it's far too dark
'Fear not', said Joe, 'you can join our gang, especially as Ben has just left.'

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