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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two operas. You must get both to score.

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Look, the man on the left is that gruff Australian, who was in 'X-Men', isn't it?
Giving Lori an anagram to do is like giving a lady's maid a day off.
Do tell Oliver I didn't mean to scare him, if you can find him, that is.
You know Lou is expert at coming up with a non-sequitur and other figures of speech, at the drop of a hat.
'You piece of offal!' Staff Sergeant Hartman bellowed in Private Cowboy's face, 'Answer the right question when I ask it, not before!'
If you wish to confide, Lionel, Jean or Mary both trained in counselling.
Adieu, Gene! One gin and tonic and he's off to the camp orgy, and Bess will have a long wait in the tent!
Shari, go! Let Tom take the flak meant for you; his shoulders are broad.
Seal off the lab! Oh! Emergency! The robocar menace is running amok!
Pass the absinthe, Mika, don't hesitate, 'cos if Ant utters one more word, I'm outta here!

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