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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two fruits. You must get both to score.

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Oh heck, I wish I hadn't eaten that last snail; I'm embarrassed to say, I'm going to vom.
I shall think of Trump each time I have a glass of vin jaune: nectar! I never thought he would say that about it.
Jerusalem on Thursday, Tel Aviv on Friday, Nazareth, Amman, goodness, you'll be dizzy!
It was a fab read: fruity, sexy, 50 shades of thrilling; shame about the film - it had a terrible write-up.
Amanda, ring the doorbell, or Angela will see us, and wonder why we're here.
If I go mad and die, after eating this Carolina Reaper, bury me longways on, facing the setting sun.
Many supermarkets are now selling rape-seed oil, as an alternative to sunflower; it would appear that it's healthier.
There must be an app, let's look for one on Google Play; they can't ban an app, just like that.
What was the name of the ogre engaged to marry Beauty? Clement, I nearly said, but I know it's not that.
Adam's on line 3; he wants to know if the Capri coterie has turned up, as their plane was delayed.

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