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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two Norse gods or goddesses. You must get both to score.

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So, like the curate's egg, the new Bond film was 'good in parts'.
'What horrible big teeth you've got!' 'All the better to EAT you with!' elaborated the wolf.
Thomas Gradgrind rapped his ruler on the desk: 'A disyllabic noun meaning 'luck'!' he thundered.
Without wishing to brag, I have only been on sporcle for a few months, but have already, miraculously, had three publishes!
He was only a bald Ural-Altaic, but he was a damn good rider, bareback, too!
The next morning, they found traces of reynard in the chicken run; Anna was in despair at the sight.
The needlework mistress was in full flow: 'For set-ins and godets, you have to make them up separately, not together, then assemble the garment.
It's like this, man, I ain't never smoked no weed; I dunno how it got there!
'The evil lives on!' proclaimed Professor van Helsing, 'But be assured, Steiner, thus will it be defeated!'
There was major drama at the Oscars - well, it's never an easy task, reading from those little cards!

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