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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two NHL teams. You must get both to score.

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He was numb - ruin stared him in the face, and naff, lame stories about 'need' would not help him now.
That was the worst Arsenal performance ever, Edwin; G.S. Where are you now? (George Strong, 1957, 137 appearances, 77 goals) Those were the days!
If I could hear it churr, I can estimate what species it is - could be a black cap: it also nests in brambles.
The hunt sab resolutely stood his ground, until McFly, erstwhile paratrooper, and now, master of hounds, rode him down.
In the shadow of the sarsen, a torso had been clumsily concealed under a fragment of blue sacking and a layer of bracken.
The therapy involves watching Vladimir anger Stanislav, and Nikolai slander Sergei, and comparing the outcomes!
In the best melodramatic tradition, the mad, evil scientist diverted the jet stream, and was holding the world to ransom.
Anyway, 'Radziwil' doesn't show up, so it must be 'Radziwill'; what's the next clue, duck, something to do with Kyrgyzstan, isn't it?
Using a double-boiler should eliminate the problem of the sauce sticking, Sheila.
Don't be coy! O, Tess, if Anthea, Val an' Chester can handle it, so can you!

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