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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two characters from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. You must get both to score.

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By common consensus, Anthea's harp-playing just pipped Bianca's piano-recital for first prize.
On the flight to Honolulu, Cyndi 'twerked' once too often, and there was a man in a mac ready to arrest her, when they landed.
Taking his ace with a trump kind of spoilt things, and Josh spent the remainder of the rubber nursing his bruised ego.
That's a slanderous remark, Sir; withdraw it instantly, or I'll have satisfaction from you and your strumpet, ere nightfall!
Sabre, épée and foil are the three weapons used in fencing; the championships take place in Autumn, usually.
That was the Mau-Mau, grim reminder of colonial days in Kenya, Lil; it has always interested me.
The Ninja disembowelled his victim, in full view of the crowd, causing quite a stir; I anticipated his immediate arrest.
Umbridge spied Mundungus Fletcher 'selling' in Diagon Alley, and took the locket off him, as a bribe; harsh, if true.
You'll have to get another hoop out of the store; Jess has taken yours for a competition.
It's a scam! I'll obviously not be sending any money to 'Mr. McCloud, Birt House, Abuja, Nigeria'!

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