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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two mythical places. You must get both to score.

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It was a sedate affair, as garden parties go, then in came Lothar, in fancy dress, of all things!
Unless you want skin like orange peel, Dora, do wear sunscreen, or stay in the shade with Ella.
Ava longed for the day she would be permitted to attend the Naval Hall Assembly - her first ball.
Apple and sour cream tart: a Russian delicacy; but it's so big, I'm leaving half of it.
The trouble with ulex is that it isn't likely to survive in humid gardens - it's more a heath plant.
'Don't even think it!' said Bambi, frostily. 'I'm going with Tarquin, understood?'
First prize went to Sid, a Voldemort lookalike, who had escaped from a travelling circus, by the look of him!
Josh's attempts at DIY usually ended in tears, as he invariably omitted to read the instructions.
When I saw Ralf, he implied that he was going to the party with Anthea, which left Dirk all at sea.
It was the only problem Uriah had: should he avenge himself on Copperfield, or stay 'umble?

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