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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two mountains, volcanoes or mountain ranges. You must get both to score

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At last, Tosca fell to her death from the battlements, to thunderous applause.
I don't think it was ever established that it would be a good idea that trains now don't have conductors.
I found a wasp in a tub of margarine, but I daren't complain: our local Tesco manager is a real psycho!
Could you not rig lavatories up for the workmen, please, and I'll set a trash can aside for their empties.
Before I germinate these lettuce seeds, should I brush more of that potting compost into the tray?
What does it matter: horn or ivory; as long as he knows he's got to have a glengarry, the buttons on his sporran are irrelevant!
Cinderella's carriage turned back into a pumpkin near a rather dark alley.
Cats kill sometimes just for fun, but the vampire bat usually only does so out of necessity.
Hard Rock I especially like, but I could listen to opera for hour after hour, also.
Och, he's nae fell oot o' that mauve SUV I used tae drive aroond en, on Hogmanay, too!

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