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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two musicals. You must get both to score. NB: stage shows and musical films are included in the definition.

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'Three Men in a Boat' demonstrates how boating can be fun, even for someone as pathetic at swimming as me!
Lady Dalrymple began to panic: a bare twelvemonth after Lord Dalrymple's demise, and they had asked her to judge the best artichoke at the village fĂȘte.
Chicken Licken was on his way to see the king, and I heard him say: 'Will the sky, I wonder, land on my head?'
Frodo didn't know if he could kill the ogre as easily as that; 'Is he dead?' he asked. 'You young fool, I very much doubt it,' said Gandalf.
More doom and gloom! America is drowning in a sea of pessimism, I keep hearing.
'I shall miss Pam a lot, when she moves to Kyrgyzstan,' lamented Tom, 'My diary will be completely empty.'
'Raise that bar, numnuts!' bellowed the Gunnery Sergeant, 'Supposing I give you five more minutes, ladies!'
They're giving Vera and Brig a do on Saturday at the Social Club, and Bilal a Land Rover Discovery (First Prize in the draw).
The rich air was too much for Kuno, and he retreated back into the hole; vital, it was, not to attract the attentions of the 'Mending Apparatus'.
Bianca, rouse Leonard from his stupor, and tell him to feed the camel, otherwise I'll not be responsible ...
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