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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two 'characters' from Lord of the Rings. You must get both to score.

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That was a monumental blunder at the Oscars, celeb, or not, but at least it made the proceedings a mite more interesting!
What do you call your gerbil, Boris? Genghis! That's a rum answer, if ever I heard one.
Peckinpah's film about the eponymous brigand, Alfredo Garcia, is better than 'The Wild Bunch' - a masterpiece, if you ask me.
Stop tugging at your earlobe, Liam, it's a sure sign you're lying; I'm liable to stop your pocket money as a result!
OK, so who played with the lego last, and didn't put all the pieces back; there's one on the rug - Luke, was it you?
As the hunters drifted the last few miles down to Aintree, bearded locals could be seen on the banks, observing closely the final stages of their grim 'adventure'.
When Tornado escaped from the rodeo, mercifully, no-one was injured, but he got away so far, a miracle would be needed to recapture him.
Villanelle, Sestina, Rondel, Rondeau; so many poetry forms, so little time, Owyn - best stick to the sonnet!
When Ragnar went to examine the Earl's cloak, he saw that it was little more than a rag, ornamented with the skulls of countless small creatures.
Quick! There's a dinosaur on the lawn, galumphing to and fro, doing gymnastics! Ignore - he's been at the mushrooms again!

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