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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two locations in Tolkien's Middle Earth. You must get both to score.

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At last, he's hired a proper professional; Dyno-Rod ruined my uncle's plumbing!
First, add lentils, Wilhelmina, stir it hard, but don't mash it.
Dream on, Henry, neither Dagmar nor Brigitta will take you up on that offer!
So, what's on the menu: men, or a girls' night in? Mayhem, or Dorcas and her sewing circle!
The wych-elm's deep roots and broad-spreading branches make it ideal for parks - it likes to be by water, on rich soil.
It was a sombre event: for the funeral of Captain Taylor, I envisaged something a bit more upbeat.
Properties seem to be sold for estate-agents' benefit only - they always touch a radical proportion of the selling price.
Deva - Chester, Eboracum - York, Aquae Sulis, anyone? Fermor, I actually think you're asleep!
The atmosphere was strained, or as Dalywag would say: at rope's end; Hob bit on an apple; 'What brings you to our village?' he said, lightly.
Rwanda - Lesotho? That's about as far apart as you can get, Roger, oh, and don't think you're borrowing my bike!

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