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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two literary devices. You must get both to score.

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'You're all ego, Ryan!' pontificated Josh. 'It's all about image!' Ryan retorted.
Never have I seen jam be mentioned before in a gourmet magazine, but, stone me, Tony, my quince preserve has been awarded 5 stars!
It's about time you learned how to iron your own clothes, Roxy; moronism (feigned) isn't going to cut it!
Mariachi, as music goes, is all very well, but frankly, Cassim, I lean towards more classical genres.
To trespass on ancestral burial grounds is not a good idea, Kendall; iteration of that will bear repeating!
The sadhu briskly dismissed Tarquin's attempt at humour: 'Gourmet aphorisms have no place here.' he said.
Having re-sat, I returned to my flat, confident of success, and had a hot bath, Oscar doing the honours with the G & T.
'This symbol is my favourite!' gushed Anthea. 'Well, the boss gives us pens, expecting us to use them.'
After a bottle of Chianti, the sisters were ready for anything, even Eli's Ionian Mode piece for 2 guitars!
I'm afraid Professor Cope has gone to Bali, to test the effects of the tourist industry on the order hymenoptera.

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