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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two lakes. You must get both to score.

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Hello, Monday! Oh rid me of this horrendous hangover!
I'd cook Nic a ragu any day of the week, but I draw the line at a shared wardrobe!
Con, is Tony going to the Minnesota hoe-down at the weekend?
Super! I ordered a pizza, then watched Ben Hur on Saturday night.
Ethan gave Jubal a ton of cash, but only gave Mal a wink and a wave!
Won't a Rio athlete aim to be a victor? I always like to think so.
Now we're in deer country, form a line; a ghillie will show you what to do.
Come to Mumbai, kaleidoscope of the Indian sub-continent, for a high-voltage holiday!
Cows moo, serpents hiss, but will a dog always bark?
Tony, Al, Bert and Frank all turned up safe and sound, but Gene vanished without trace.

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