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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the surnames of two characters from Jane Austen's novels, beginning with the same letter. You must get both to score.

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Dispensing with protocol, Linsey marched down the aisle, high-fived the vicar, then skipped out of the church. 'I'll swing!' muttered Gavin.
As she crossed the park, Erika Foster noticed a Capri Central Heating van in the cul-de-sac, with its lights on full beam.
Lulu casually sidled up to Tarquin, wearing a nylon gauze number she hoped would knock him out.
Corben netted a fine specimen, but before he could stop her, Amber trampled it into the mud on the riverbank.
You know you're really beginning to get on my wick, Hammond; talking to a stone wall isn't in it!
'That's it!' grumbled Josh. 'I sha'n't have a bath or perm my hair again until Neymar signs for Man U!'
'When they've ordered sea-bass or gar, diners don't expect to be served coley!' Greg ranted, rolling his eyes.
'Glenda, sh!' Woodrow hissed.'There's a Grundar cyborg over there, guarding the entrance.'
'Try to stay in the middle, Tony,' encouraged Jim, 'or land one of those left hooks you're famous for.'
Carruthers came in to bat, especially conscious of the brand on his neck, which his pullover didn't quite cover.

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