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QUIZ: Hidden in each sentence are the names of two islands, or island groups. You must get both to score.

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Rita, I want to be alone, tonight, Noah's Ark is on Channel 4.
A person who is blind is far needier than someone with a minor case of agoraphobia.
You are going to learn how to rumba, like it or not - the lesson's with Chico at six!
One acre, ten acres, ten thousand; who cares, he's got land, that's enough for me!
The boss always looks icily round the office when he comes in; is he as terrified as us, I wonder?
'It's lucky us humans can fink, innit?' said Tim, 'or shud it be 'we'?'
He's a solo, money-grabbing, macho, stereotypical, chauvinistic ... need I go on?
This is the new range, let me show you; made, I rather think, in China, but, hey!
Martin, I question whether Hugo and Rose should be coming with us - they're too young.
The city was on red alert, as mania, zeal and downright hysteria spread, with the news that Victoria Beckham was going to be signing autographs.

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