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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two insects. You must get both to score. * Please see game note.

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Chopin's horn étude in F minor was played 'presto' by one of the more experienced members of the brass section.
Amos quit over an argument as to the merits of brown, green or blue bottle-glass.
Long John Silver fished Jim out of the apple barrel: 'Why, ye young sap! Hiding is it?' he guffawed.
Sobbing, Nathaniel said that he couldn't bear wigging, and told the prefect so.
At the third crow of the cock, Roäc, having been summoned by the thrush, delivered news from other lands.
Lou's elephant impression was a huge hit at the staff leaving do!
Amid general uproar, the defeated candidate was seen on his horse, flying through the streets, the rabble hot on his heels.
What's your beef, Lysander; do you want the job, or not? You owe evil Enrico nothing!
Josh was suffused with a warm glow; worming his way into Anthea's affections was enough to scar a body for life!
For example, take sugar beet; let's mark this particular stick in sections, then cut it.

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