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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two comic book heroes. You must get both to score.

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'Death, or dishonour!' shouted the lieutenant, 'Man the barricades, tally-ho, and boo sucks to Harry Hun!' 'Shut up, George', groaned the captain.
They watched Captain Leboeuf lash Gordon's wrists to the mast; 'He'll swing for this, tormenting the poor lad so.' observed the first mate.
The scene was difficult to describe, as Toni struggled into the cab, laden with parcels of different shapes and sizes.
'All my fillings are amalgam', bitched Anthea, 'Tom says that's really not good for your health.'
There goes Pedro, binge-drinking again, I see; says he's seen a tapir on Manchester United's pitch.
You'll have to hum, Ant, or chime in when we get to the top of the second page; super! Mandolins, you don't come in, yet.
I agree; narrow-mindedness is not really my thing, but those creatures in 'The Breed' are devil-worshippers, if you ask me.
That's it in a nutshell: boys will be boys; he thinks he's a chick magnet, obviously.
Pshaw! Key experiments would indicate that unusual grains like quinoa, burghul, kaƱiwa or fonio will soon be standard fare.
The forgotten art of the pun is her forte, but in Glasgow, a brickbat managed to reduce her to tears.

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