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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two horror films. You must get both to score. Please see game note.

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Conditions such as gout, dropsy, cholaemia and syphilis are not with us half so much as they used to be.
Hagrid was still smarting from the cost of Castelobruxo: 'Merlin's beard! Ten thousand bolivianos fer a tumbledown temple; yeh can't believe it!'
After a brief holiday, it was back to the daily grind: housework, cooking, washing - the prospect was awful.
Don't worry, Oscar, Riesling will do nicely, and some of those little canap├ęs: cream cheese and smoked salmon.
Triffids! The only way to defeat them is to drop salt water in great quantities on them from above.
He was on the cusp - little did he know that it would be all downhill for Theo, menaced as he was by crippling debts.
'Chrysanthemum, my a**e!' spluttered Jim, 'I'm not buying any more flowers for your mother; miser? Yes, I am, and proud of it!'
In order to do an interim audit, I only need access to the most recent files, Cary; Mo viewed them yesterday.
Murder! To commit such a sin is terribly wrong, but I doubt that the serial killer felt remorseful at all.
Aided by a light southerly breeze, we made good speed, until, at the look-out's 'hallo', we encountered a strange creature, moving in the depths.

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