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Can you guess the 'names' of the following geographical features, given the clues?

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Greek Musketeer? A 
G'day! B 
Rocky Mountain High ... E 
Mundi or Rugosa. R 
Ruwenzori range, I presume! S 
Prince Consort. A 
Irish County. C 
Bodensee auf Deutsch. C 
Monegasque princess. S 
Unamused Queen. V 
Islands/Island Groups
Australian city. A 
Pirate Radio. C 
What's eating him? G 
Crackers! G 
Wisdom personified. S 
Did this Neighbour drown in Snowdonia? D 
Quiet! You might hear it in Novomoskovsk. D 
Home, Virginian, and don't spare the horses! J 
You're 'bound to cross' this river. J 
'How's it going?' in Belgrade S 

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